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Poultry Feed Plant

Our company offers a variety of poultry feed plants, which are specialised facilities intended to provide high-quality feed for the poultry industry.  They are of robust quality and show high sustainability.

Cattle Feed Plants

Cattle feed factories are specialist facilities that manufacture high-quality cow feed. These plants are vital to the livestock industry because they produce nutritionally balanced feed that meets the dietary needs of cattle.

Pellet Making Machine

Pellet Making Machine is a specialist piece of equipment used in a range of industries to convert ingredients into compact pellets. They are used in the biomass industry to make biomass pellets out of agricultural waste.

Animal Feed Mixer Machine

An animal feed mixer machine is specialist machinery used in the animal feed industry to blend various components and additives into a homogeneous feed mixture.

Hammer Mills

We deal in perfectly made Hammer mills, which are strong and sustainable equipment. They are widely used in numerous industries to reduce the size of materials and thereby, utilized in grinding operations.

Pellet Cooler

Pellet coolers are critical pieces of equipment used in the pellet manufacturing process to cool and stabilise heated pellets. They effectively cool these heated pellets, assuring their endurance, quality, and resistance to breaking.

Pellet Crumbler Machine

A pellet crumbler machine is specialised machinery used in the pellet manufacturing process. The purpose of this machine is to improve the overall quality and uniformity of the pellets by decreasing their size and providing a consistent texture.


Pulverizer Machine

Customers can choose from a variety of Pulverizer Machines. This is a mechanical device for pulverising and grinding different materials into fine powders or granules.

Grinder Cum Feed Mixture Plant

A Grinder Cum Feed Mixture Plant is an adaptable and efficient machine used in the animal feed business to grind and mix various feed materials. They contribute to the creation of high-quality, nutritionally balanced animal feed, which benefits cattle and poultry health and productivity.

Bucket Elevator

In industrial contexts, a bucket elevator is used to convey bulk materials or granular goods vertically. They are widely utilised in industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, and manufacturing where effective vertical material transportation is required.

Control Panel

We have brought a control panel, which is a housing for electrical components. It  operates and monitors electrical systems or equipment. It also serves as a central hub for controlling numerous electrical processes.

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